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  • I am a graduate of Self Defense Concealed Carry Training (CWP). I was very impressed at the care and personal instruction Jim and his entire team provided. Jim’s experience and instruction methods relaxed me and conveyed to me the needed instruction to be confident, yet comfortable with my handgun. (ps) I scored 100% on both test and 99% on my shooting skills at the range. Did I mention that I am a Mother of 4, with grands?

  • Jim brings experience, knowledge and application to the classroom. It’s personal, engaging and fun. I left the class with a much better understanding of the responsibility I have as a CWP holder. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  • If you want the best cwp Class in the state come here.I am very happy I went here.all questions were answered & not rushed.
    Also being a retired Vet.I wanted someone with a back ground with firearms as I am a 34 year vet with 26 years working on weapons.I learn a lot!I send all my freinds to this class.Keep up the great work.
    Looking forward to the the Utah CWP class.Would do it again with this guy you are the best.

  • I was looking for a good instructor so my wife could get the most out of a CWP class. I found Jim. He great, he will make you at home. A lot of info and some great talks about guns and everyday life. you will be making a mistake if you go any where else. i am so glad i had chance to be apart his class.

  • I would add stars if I could. Jim is that good! My husband and I were in a class where Jim was teaching and he did remarkable! Very entertaining and yet I walked away feeling confident with my newly found knowledge. I would often hear of CWP classes being long and boring. This one was neither. I was truly dissapointed when it was time to leave. I would highly recommend taking his class!! I’d definitely do it again!!

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