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  • I’ve been to Bobs 7 or 8 times now, Had to wait to shoot almost every time. They only have 6 or 8 lanes. Range is clean and very well lighted. There targets go downrange on a cable system not a rigid arm so every time you shoot your target you hear a “boingggggg” coming up the line it’s kind of anoying. I shot my own ammo so I don’t know how there pricing is. I did see a couple guns on the wall but wouldn’t really call it a “selection” of rental guns. But I would go there again if I was still working in the Norfolk area. Also talked to some of the sales guys on the 1st floor, There guns prices are good and their very friendly and helpful. I would take the trip to Norfolk from Richmond if I wanted to buy a gun at “show” price if their was no show in town.

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