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  • My wife provided me with the best birthday gift ever!! A shooting date with Lynn of High Caliber Woman. I met with Lynn at the range where we had a firearm safety lesson and then a personal security/defense lesson on where and how to wear a holster for a hand gun. I have shot before, but kind of just taught myself some stuff and I could clumsily draw my gun and re-holster it. What I didn’t know, was how to behave in the midst of an actual fight. Lynn showed me several techniques I can use to keep an attacker at bay while I draw my weapon, use it AND keep am eye out for more threats. This is something new that I had never thought about. We practiced this several times and then headed into the hot zone! Lynn had my employ the same tactics she taught me, now with a live weapon and actual targets. A few practice runs with targeting, which I thought I was good at. I mean I could at least hit somewhere on the target, lol. Lynn stopped me and instructed me on a more beneficial way of target acquisition. After this, I was hitting all the targets. Then she threw in a twist! She would throw targets out into the hot zone and have me hit them wherever they land, like a moving target. This was fun! Once I had this down, then she interjected the attack scenarios with drawing, getting my attacker in sight and shooting.

    This was so much fun and the confidence I thought I had to begin with was bolstered exceedingly high. I left the training with a renewed sense of, “I can actually win in a fight!”, and “I can shoot if needed!”

    I can’t praise Lynn highly enough for the training and ability she has given me. Rock on, Lynn!!!

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